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There are seven islands in the Canary Islands archipelago. Lanzarote is one of them. The island covers 800 square kilometres and is the south-eastmost. Lanzarote’s landscape is very diverse and characterized by volcanic eruptions dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. There are beautiful beaches and transparent waters along with unexpected landscapes shaped by volcanoes and lava. Throughout the year, the pleasant climate makes it possible to engage in a wide range of activities.


The island’s diversity makes it an ideal destination for people of all ages and preferences. Exploring lava caves or hiking through old volcanic craters sounds appealing to you? Are you more inclined to spend time on white sand beaches relaxing in the sun? La Geria is internationally recognized for its exceptional viticulture, so wine lovers will not want to miss Lanzarote.

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Best Spots

El Lago Verde

El Lago Verde

Charco de los Clicos offers a truly crazy mix of colors: the dark brown, almost reddish, of the volcanic rocks fades into the green of the lagoon, which in turn turns into the black volcanic sand in turn bathed by the deep blue of the ocean.



Timanfaya is the only national park in the Spanish network that is of an eminently geological nature, since it is the result of the volcanic eruptions that took place between 1720 and 1736, and in 1824.

Mirador del Rio

Mirador del Rio

Mirador del Rio is located high up at an altitude of 474 meters and offers spectacular views of the nearby La Graciosa island and the Risco de Famara escarpment.

César Manrique

César Manrique

César Manrique is the landmark of modern art in the Canary Islands. Lanzarote, his home island, has most influenced his way of interpreting art and where he most left his mark.


Famara Beach

When the Sirocco wind blows from the northwest, kite surfers head to Famara beach on the west coast, a vibrant surf village nestled into magnificent cliffs.

Papagayo Beach

Papagayo Beach

A string of golden sand beaches and small coves with clear turquoise waters make up the beautiful Playas de Papagayo.

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