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Eco-sustainable Finca with all comforts

Our Finca and services are eco-friendly and respect the pillars of sustainability. We are passionate about Lanzarote and want to contribute to making our planet and especially Lanzarote a better place to live. As a result, we strive to minimize our environmental impact.

These beautiful words deserve to be accompanied by deeds, so we have taken some valuable steps in that direction. With our solar panels, we are able to generate all the energy Finca Isolina needs. We also heat our pool this way. Special filters are used to enhance the quality of drinking water. Additionally, our products are organic and locally sourced whenever possible. Almost all of our vegetables and fruits come from our own garden. These and other measures are our efforts to behave sustainably and to respect our beautiful environment.

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Relax and comfort


Vacation activities are personal choices. Each of us has a different idea of what the perfect vacation looks like, whether it is yoga, trekking, or a day at the beach. In that regard, we have prepared a few packages for you that will make your vacation even more memorable. Get a soothing massage, hone your yoga technique, or meditate at sunrise. If you are looking for an offer that fits your needs, there is certainly one available.

We offer a selection of sightseeing activities and day trips on our activity page. Get insider tips from our staff and follow our social media channels to stay up-to-date. Besides sharing the best spots of Lanzarote, we provide information about island traditions, local food, and more.

Biological Breakfast

In the morning, we serve homemade and biological breakfast on our veranda. From our rich breakfast menu, you can choose your favorite dishes to fuel a day of hiking or relaxing on the beach. Experience local flavors and products from Lanzarote island in a cozy and relaxing setting. Whether it's a homemade sandwich, muesli or fruit salad made with fruits from our own garden, cheese, cold cuts, or egg dishes, we have something for everyone. Get pampered by our team while enjoying the beautiful view.

Pool & Garden

Designed in accordance with Lanzarote Heritage Council requirements, our pool is heated with solar energy all year round. All aspects of our business are committed to sustainability.

Our garden is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a joyful afternoon. After an exhausting hike or bike tour, our pool is the perfect place for a refreshing bath.

There are plenty of sunbeds and shady parasols for you to relax on. We will be happy to treat you to a cocktail. As part of the hotel's pool service, towels are provided.

Massages, Yoga & Meditation

The Finca Isolina is the perfect place for you to relax and unwind. Yoga sessions or relaxing massages are available upon request. Yoga is practiced in our own pavilion in the garden. Feel free to speak with our staff or to book your desired date right from your home.

Are you planning a trip to Lanzarote and need some advice? Visit our activities page to learn more!

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